Annoying union tactic

A co-worker and I were driving back to work after eating lunch when we saw a decent sized crowd congregated on the sidewalk and on the street. They were union members carrying signs demanding a pay increase. However, some of them were blocking traffic and there were some police officers.

Tip for union members: Blocking traffic is NOT the way to generate sympathy for your cause. I could have read your signs (I was not driving) if you were on the sidewalk. In my not so humble opinion, running one or two of them over would be close to justifiable manslaughter.

Addendum 7/1 6:18 pm PST:

In case anyone didn’t get it, I was not advocating running over anyone.

Also, annoying the general public was definitely the wrong thing to do. If you read any newspaper, the public is already claiming government employees are overpaid and underworked (though this is not true in general). If the union angers the public by blocking traffic, they are likely to be perceived as troublemakers, and troublemakers tend not to get what they want.


Somebody needs to cut the baseball union down to size

Houston Astros pitcher Shawn Chacon got into a fight with general manager (boss) Ed Wade, and was released (basically fired) on Monday. The players’ union is claiming that the Astros had no right to release him and that they are required to pay him the remaining $983,607 on his current contract.

In what non-sports profession can you get into a fight with your boss and still argue that you are entitled to the rest of your salary for the year?