Some people shouldn’t use the Internet

That is why I publish this blog. I want everyone to recognize my stupidity…

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My new Internet obsession

I recently joined Plurk, which is best described as Twitter on a timeline. The more frequently you use it (by making posts (plurking), inviting friends, etc.), the more “karma” you get, which can earn you various upgrades on the site. However, your karma can also go down for various reasons, including posting too infrequently or by losing friends.

My work blocks social-networking sites so I can’t access Plurk at work from my computer, though I can mobile Plurk via my cell phone. When I got home after work today, I noticed that my karma had gone down from 29.47 to 29.31.  The first thing I said to myself was “DA*n!”

This is an obvious indication that this could become an addiction. If I spend more time plurking, I may be spending less time blogging, which could be a good thing for readers of this blog 😉