Almost nothing you ever wanted to know about me

Me with Hollywood sign behind me I have a B.S. in Mathematics from the University of California at Davis and a M.S. in Civil Engineering from California State University at Sacramento.

I am now an engineer with the California Department of Transportation in Sacramento, California.

My primary interests are baseball, tennis, reading, surfing the web, and griping about the state of mathematical education in this country (as you may have noticed from my blog.)

You may also notice that in my blogs, I am going more for quantity than quality…

The username “wigwam2theorem” comes from my senior year in high school (back in the stone ages), and I had an awesome (but very hard!) calculus teacher. I wanted to avoid leaving questions completely blank if I couldn’t do them, so a friend and I “invented” the “Wigwam 2 Theorem” to use for those problems. (This was an offshoot of the “Wigwam 1 Theorem” which was used if you knew how to do the problem but couldn’t be bothered with the details.

The name “King Al” (the title of this blog) came from my freshman year at UC Davis. In my first computer science class, we had to enter our name. I was going to put my real name in, but my friend (the same one who co-invented the Wigwam 2 Theorem) entered “Supreme Being” into the system. Obviously, I couldn’t top that, so “King Al” was about the best I could do.

If somehow you managed to get this far, you are probably wondering where else can I find this geek.

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4 Responses

  1. Albert – the king of “Wigwam 2 Theorem”… you’re such a very interesting person to know. We’re of the same wavelength in terms of the field of work. I’m an engineering graduate too but focuses on system designing & IT. I really enjoy reading your blog ‘coz your posts are somewhat interesting, funny & has something for anyone… Keep it up my blogger friend! 😉


  2. you are a baseball fan…therefore you are a good man by my book.

  3. Thanks, Tommy.

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