I started drinking green tea

A few days ago, I decided that I would start drinking green tea. I purchased some Lipton green tea at the supermarket. I just microwaved a cup of water, stuck the tea bag in the cup for a few minutes, removed the tea bag, added some Splenda and drank it.  Good stuff!

Does anybody have any recommendations for what brands of green tea, and where I might find it if it is not commonly available at the supermarket?


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  1. Green tea is great – I’m weaning myself off of coffee in the mornings and replacing it with at least 2 cups per day of green tea. Most grocery stores carry green tea nowdays.

    Right now I’m drinking the Salada brand (from the grocery store – available in both regular and decaf for night time). Some stores will also have a very inexpensive “store” brand available as well.

    If you visit my website, you’ll see banners and links for Generation tea, which carries a GREAT variety of different teas that you could buy online.

    Enjoy your tea! 🙂

  2. I have to say, that makes a lot of sense, and I agree. I love Green Tea, As soon as I got one glass I was hooked. Of course I like loose tea, and make it myself. You should try it.

  3. You’ll find that a good loose green and water boiled in a kettle will make it even better.

    There’s a ton of places out there – if you want a plain green tea try adagio, simple leaf, or upton for loose teas – you can get samples from any of those companies for a reasonable price. Mighty Leaf is a good company is you want tea in a bag for ease.

    If you’re looking for blends, I offer a bunch – which are delicious and offer you more flavor options. So do many of the companies I mentioned above.

    Welcome to the world of tea!

  4. I wish I liked green tea. And I drink a fair amount of it, bought in a refrigerated bottle. It’s better than juice or water or sports drinks. But when it comes right down to it, I like black tea better.

  5. @Rhonda: Thanks for the info.

    @Tea and @Summer: I could use loose tea at home, where I have access to a stove to boil water in the kettle. Thanks for the advice.

    @Kathleen: I like black tea as well. Maybe I’ll alternate or something.

  6. I like the Lipton brand green tea with Lemon-wonderfully sweet stuff that I can still tell myself is good for me-as it is green tea. Well, sort of anyway.

    You know, there was a study not too long ago that drink five or six cups of coffee is good for your heart.

  7. @Descarte:

    Funny you should mention that study. I mentioned that in a previous post, and one of the commenters suggested that I try green tea.

  8. Green tea is tasty and loaded with antioxidants. You should drink one cup after another until you piss your pants.

  9. Sounds like a plan! Thanks for all the great advice!

  10. Eh, I hate Lipton. But I’m quite the tea aficionado, if I do say so myself. So, I don’t sweeten any of my teas either. But I would recommend Tazo green tea. I really like the China Green Tips, but the Zen is pretty good too.

  11. I love white tea (very similar to green). tenren.com has some good stuff. But, it does leave stains on your teeth in between cleanings.

  12. I prefer black tea. But if I will drink some green tea, it must be cold, maybe with a piece of ice and a fresh pepperment leaf.

  13. and trash lemon…

  14. I love tea, though I don’t drink much green tea because caffeine makes me go crazy.
    Herbal teas are what I really go for.

    Some good ones are chamomile and lime flower/blossom (comes from the Tilia tree) for a subtle, calming flavor. Peppermint is one of my favorites. It’s super refreshing and calming. Red bush tea has a very unusual flavor that takes some getting used to. And I have seen thyme tea work wonders. It’s nothing special, just a sort of grassy flavor (NOT bad tasting), but one time my father had completely lost his voice after a lot of open-window driving through very smogged cities and second hand smoking… and after three cups of thyme tea he was talking- quietly, but he was talking!

    Experiment with brands. Don’t forget to read labels. Sometimes mixed teas are good (if it says things like hibiscus or rosehip- it’s not just the herb on the box). And sometimes, like with peppermint and thyme, it’s best when the only thing you’re drinking is peppermint (or thyme).

    Hope this helped and happy drinking!

  15. @Socrates, myother, zeynepankara, and thegreenkid: Thanks for your suggestions. Wow, there’s a heckuva lot of different types of tea!

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