I was just tagged by Robin, who writes one of the blogs that I regularly read.

6 quirks about myself…

1.  I have the hardest time getting my Bluetooth earpiece to fit in my ear… sometimes I think I’m more distracted fiddling with the earpiece than I would be driving with my cell phone in my hand (which became illegal in California on July 1, 2008.)

2. I think I have the most monotone voice in history. When I listen to my voicemail message, I go UGH! I have no idea what other people think about my voice…

3. I can’t stand cold showers, even on days where is 105 degrees. Even though I am pouring sweat, I have to take a hot shower. The funny thing is that cold swimming pools don’t bother me.

4. I more or less wear my clothes “in order.” I take my clothes out of my closet from the left side first, and after I wash them, put them in on the right side.

5. Whenever I go up an escalator, I never step off, but wait until the escaltor motion pushes my feet to the end.

6. I don’t really do this anymore, but I (used to) count the number of steps I took every time I went up or down stairs. When I was 7, I counted 576 steps going up a cathedral in Germany, and when I returned to the same cathedral when I was 16, I counted 581. I suspect 581 is more likely to be correct.

I am going to tag Mariamichelle, Kelly, Robin (a different one!), Julie, Kat, and Eric.  If you would like to participate, that would be great, but if not, no problem.


10 Responses

  1. give me your digits and I will tell ya what i think about your voice……………………and thanks for the tag I will work on that tomorrow

  2. After reading this, i am seeing you in a totally different way now….lol Just kidding! See you on plurk….

  3. ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????? 🙂

  4. That is too funny about your clothes. So like every 15 days you’re wearing the same shirt. lol. I had suggested this to my boyfriend at one time because he srsly wears the same five shirts. I don’t know why he bothers buying new clothes at all.

  5. Not quite. Let’s say I wear shirts in order 1,2,3,4,5. After I wash them, they will probably not get hung in the same order, so the next time it could be 4,1,5,2,3.

    What does he do with his new clothes?

  6. Great job on this! I am kinda quirky about my closet too. It goes like this:
    dresses all the way on the left
    then skirts
    then pants
    then short sleeved tops
    then long sleeved tops
    and each section must be arranged from darkest color to lightest color

  7. @Robin:

    I don’t know why I never thought of arranging by color. Great idea!

  8. […] I’m quirky.  Although I think quirky might be an understatement.  One of my bloggin’ buddies tagged me.  And for all you non-bloggers, tagging means that the other blogger was sent a request […]

  9. I love this! I jut started blogging about Quirks. I’ve called the tag ‘The Quirk Files’ . I don’t have many but have written in detail!
    I’m writing a book and I think they enrich my characters! http://mrtaurus.wordpress.com/

    Hope you get a chance to see!


  10. p.s. i’ve been holding back – I have some WEIRD quirks! I jut sent all my friends Dulex colour sample cards to match their auras – with a postcard style message on the back!

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