Sending email to wrong people

In Lotus Notes, it is fairly easy to send email to the wrong person (if you are using the automatic fill in feature, and if someone else has the same first or last name.) I received (technically, I was bcc’ed) this doozer of an email yesterday from someone I’ve never heard of. I researched who all the addressees were, so I am showing them:

To: (Boss’s boss’s boss)
cc: (Boss’s boss)
bcc: Me and who knows how many other people

I need to talk to you in person tomorrow about my problem one of your Senior (I think it’s this person’s boss) ,I cant stand anymore ,we need to solve Sooner, before its too late,thamks (Name deleted)

Not only did this person did not pay attention to who he (yes, it was a guy) was sending this extremely sensitive email to, but he didn’t even bother to use the security feature in Lotus Notes that prevents an email from being replied to/forwarded or printed (though one could just print the screen.)  What an idiot.

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Pet peeve – email date/time stamps

I hate it when the date/time stamp on an incoming email are incorrect. When it arrives, I see an indicator that I have new email, but since my emails are sorted in chronological order (newest first), I can’t find it because it’s somewhere with the older emails.

Most of these problem emails are from companies. If you can’t be bothered to put the correct date and time on your email, I can’t be bothered to read it.