Health benefits of green tea vs coffee?

Both green tea and coffee can help reduce the risk of heart disease. Somebody should do a study to find out which one is more beneficial. (I have both sides covered – I drink both at work now.)

If funding is needed for this project, I suggest that we pull the money from the team that “discovered” that poor eating habits during pregnancy may be bad for the child’s health.


People sure are enthusiastic about their tea

After I posted yesterday about starting to drink green tea, the traffic to this blog started to skyrocket. I had 77 view of that post, most of whom probably came from, from where 48 of my views came from. If I follow all the suggestions of people who commented on that post, I’ll have a lifetime supply of tea.

I started drinking green tea

A few days ago, I decided that I would start drinking green tea. I purchased some Lipton green tea at the supermarket. I just microwaved a cup of water, stuck the tea bag in the cup for a few minutes, removed the tea bag, added some Splenda and drank it.  Good stuff!

Does anybody have any recommendations for what brands of green tea, and where I might find it if it is not commonly available at the supermarket?

Give up coffee for green tea?

Soon after I made this post regarding coffee drinking, I read a discussion on the topic of cutting caffeine use, and someone suggested drinking green tea as a substitute. Then I received a message from someone who read that post, also suggesting that I drink more green tea for my health.

I’ll definitely have to look into this.