Random thoughts from recent trip to India


I recently returned from a 2 week trip to India. While I was very impressed with the cultural sites (temples, forts, mosques, etc.), there are several things which the Indian government needs to address immediately:

  1. The violence towards women. I had already left India when the infamous New Delhi gang rape occurred, so I did not find out about it until after I had returned to the U.S. This needs to take priority over anything else.
  2. It is so sad that among the many people hawking souvenirs everywhere tourists go, there are many young children, some as young as about 3, and young mothers carrying babies/toddlers in their arms. While some regions of India seem to have made education a priority, this needs to be a national priority.
  3. Before I came to India, I had thought that making the country more clean should be a top priority, but eliminating the litter and the general unsanitariness in some areas of the country should be a lower priority than the first two.



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