Where’s the justice for the missing Florida toddler Caylee Anthony?

3-year old Caylee Anthony has been missing since June, and her mother, 22-year old Casey Anthony did not report her missing for more than a month because she was doing her own “investigation” (probably the same kind O.J. Simpson was doing on the golf course to find who killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.)

Casey was released on $500,000 bail yesterday. This is a huge travesty of justice. Not only did she not report her daughter missing for over a month, she lied to investigators, has shown no signs that she is sad about her daughter’s disappearance, and suspicious evidence has been found in the trunk of her car.

She should be held without bail unless she is willing to cooperate with law enforcement.

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12 Responses

  1. This makes me sick. I have a little girl and I would not be able to do anything but cooperate and reach out to everyone for help – who the hell waits a month if not guilty??… I guess if you want the eliminate evidence… I would be sick… I would be able to cry all the time and still talk to investigators as she said she couldn’t do that to her friend on one her her selfish pathetic poor excuse for a human phone calls home where she acted like a spoiled brat who always gets ger way… didn’t anyone in her family ever need to call her at work all those years she didn’t really have a job… i mean no one had her work number to think something was up? DUH! – NO CONCERN FOR CAYLEE. I am so sick over her release and those who aided it – they will have to live with that if the DNA or sadly a not with us Caylee proves it. I hope she enjoys living around her daughters belongings and memories and that every second is painful for her. She is a sick person who can’t tell the truth because she thinks she is normal and better than everyone even HA that is a joke.. so her whole life is a lie so she can feel better. All I hope is the justice comes long and hard to this liar. She had an out if she could not handle being a mom… so many couples try for years with no success to have a baby this loser had one and cared so little for her as the judge said – She cared not even so little but actually not at all – Casey has but one care in the world – HER. Whether she gave her away — yeah right or hurt this baby accidental or on purpose Caylee should be with a family that loves and treats her right and would look for her immediately. Casey is a liar… has there been one truth? Where is Caylee’s car seat? Are the cops checking the woods and waters near the airport or what?? I don’t want to hear about Casey anymore on the news she is such a waste she is not helping and I think she likes it – her sick game… I want to hear about the search for Caylee and feel that really is the focus and not just what people say bc it is what they should be saying but really make it the focus.. F CASEY she is trash… do we really think now she is out she will speak… yeah speak more lies – what is that worth? Her family should really get it together if this girl doesn’t speak and aid in the search come on you gonna keep supporting her lying ass where is there a line or can she always manipulate them??? I am fed up… this is pathetic and if the family keeps standing by while she keeps her mouth shut then shame on them too!

  2. I totally agree with this post and Angie. I got so hung up on this case and it is frustrating me. I have never followed something so much let alone write anything about it. I think what bothers me so much is people who lie and parents who can harm their kids which I think she did. In fact I don’t even think it was an accident because if it was she would have said something by now or would have shown remorse. Accidents mean you didn’t want something to happen and would not cover it up. You would cover up deception. With her family dynamics, she would of have gotten away with that too and want the attention all on her. She has shown such a pattern of never coming clean on her lies until the evidence was right in her face. Just like the job; she had to take them down a hall before confessing. She kept lying about the gas cans until the trunk was open. When she was found on July 16th, she tells her mom I will take you there tomorrow. Like it was so accessible and if it was then why was she doing her own investigation………….liar. Cindy Anthony is the one who told the media and the public about the dead body smell and Casey’s lies. Now she hates the media and public who believe what she led us to in the beginning. I just don’t how someone can live with their family and lie about working for two years and a babysitter but yet the family does not suspect. Her dad tells the media that some of those public pictures of Casey partying were of her pregnant so how can they be after her missing !?! Does he know what he is saying? She drinks while being pregnant?

    I am doing exactly what I hate about this case; giving Casey the attention and not Caylee. I just knew from the first day that something terrible happened to Caylee and it was too late to help this poor little girl. I want to walk away from this circus because everyday it gets more and more frustrating. I was so disgusted with what her lawyer said she said as they were walking out of the jail. “I am innocent and want to hold my head high” That is such bullshit! She is acting like she is a star and saying something so profound. First of all she just looked like she said something really quick to him like one word. Second: She wouldn’t even be innocent even if all she did was hand her over to a “babysitter”. She can’t even own up to making poor choices putting Caylee into danger.

    My thoughts are with Caylee and I hope she is found alive and NOT given back to any of the Anthonys. The child wouldn’t have a chance because look how Casey turned out.

    One more thing; Casey will speak a lot…………a lot of bullshit that is. She will send all her supporters on a wild goose chase and this made-up babysitter will be the blame for anything bad happening. My prediction is the DNA will come back and Casey will be arrested on new charges.

    I guess that was more than one thing.

  3. @Angie and @Robin: Couldn’t agree more. I think I should’ve let you do the blogging…

  4. The Californian in the cowboy hat is almost as ridiculous as Casey though. I feel sorry for the cute little girl who has suffered through all this. I have a 4 year old son and I got pregnant at around the same age as Casey did (so young) and I would never dream of doing anything to my son. Never mind, if my son was missing, my whole world would crumble and I would be completely lost. And this woman doesn’t even look like it’s fazing her. I am devastated that this keeps happening with young mom’s mostly and I feel that it gives a lot of us a bad rep, even if we are very capable. Also people are saying that this could have been a pool accident, or leaving the child in the car for a long period of time. I hope if it is, that she gets charged with manslaughter because it is common knowledge that you do not leave your kids in a car by themselves or around a pool by themselves. You have to be watching them 100% of the time around water it takes under a minute for a child to drown and you have to be watching them 100% of the time. I am upset and disappointed that any of this could happen with the amount of help for new mothers and single mothers these days. I think about Caylee a lot and I hope very shortly there will be some closure in this case.

  5. Now what lies do the Grandparents feed themselves – their daughter is out of jail and they still don’t know where their granddaughter is or what happened. How can they live with themselves – thinking of that darling child either alone and scared or in an unmarked grave. Does the daughter hate them so much – and is she so jealous of the love given her daughter – that she just wants to punish her parents by leaving them in limbo for the rest of their lives. And are they so willing to believe their daughter that they will calmly accept any lies she tells them? Does their Granddaughter mean so little to them? Apparently.

  6. @Lauren: I don’t understand how people can compare this to leaving a kid in the car or a pool accident. At least those are accidents. This woman deliberately did nothing to find her daughter.

    @Julie: Who knows what the hell anyone in that family is thinking. Maybe the grandparents lost touch with reality?

  7. I also have to respond, accidents are called accidents because they are so. But what is going on in this case is above my personal comprehension. I have to believe in my heart that there is enough justice (anyway )and enough professionals out there that are as pissed about this as just the 6 (now 7) respondents,of just this blog, that this will get solved. The Cowboy hat dude is getting his 15 minutes of fame as FUCKED as it is, and it makes you realize just what a fucked up sick world this can be sometimes. And there is an innocent child somewhere who is paying or paid, the price of being born to a family that is in my opinion perhaps does not belong to the human race, at least not the one I belong to. If I am wrong about this I would be the first to apologize, but my gut reaction is I am not and there is nothing that can ever be done to this person (woman that gave birth , as she is no mother,let alone a mom) and the cowboy hat dude is running a close second. There just IS NO JUSTICE for such an injustice!

  8. @Allison:

    Apparently people (I have no idea who) were comparing this to a pool accident. I kind of hope that this disgrace of a human being gets hit by a drunk driver and is paralyzed for life (wait a minute, that would saddle the taxpayers with the costs…. I hope she dies instantly.)

  9. I am pretty sure you know (by now) that I truly enjoy your blog, and even tho’ I have it in a reader I still would rather stop by here almost on a daily basis. But I have to disagree with you on this one. Death is far to easy of a way out. And as taxpayers we are already paying. And it’s a trip you brought that up cuz in the back of my mind I have thought to myself that this woman just may kill herself and leave the rest of us wondering. Yea, Death is by far WAAAY to easy. She needs to be alone forever with just her own mind and thoughts. Of course I guess she has no conscience, which now brings me to another thought, LOL!!! She will be the type to run a not guilty by reason of insanity plea! The whole thing sucks. Let her go to prison , It won’t cost too much, the woman there will know what to do to her.

  10. Hi Allison:

    I see where you’re coming from. However, since she appears to have no conscience, would she even care if she’s in jail?

    Whatever happens, this woman needs to have her tubes tied so she can’t have any more children, and she should be prohibited from adopting them as well.

  11. I have followed and studied this case from the beginning.

    All the clues point to Caylee being dead. People only lie to
    cover up something and the mothers lies are apparent to
    cover up what happened.

    It appears that Caylee died from neglect and was found by
    the mother. Not wanting to be found out she buried the child in the woods at the airport. Criminals always return to the scene of the crime and her cell phone pings place her at the airport for a few minutes. She was probably concerned about whether or not somebody had found the
    shallow grave. The woods at the airport is probably where
    little Caylee was buried and the mother did return to the
    scene of the crime. The woods at the airport should be
    throughly investigated till they find the grave.

    The mother appears to have severe mental problems and
    the next thing we hear about is that she got hold of the
    fathers gun and shot her mother and father and then took
    her own life. This is not uncommon in cases like this. The
    father needs to be aware that this can happen and lock up
    all his guns from the mother of Caylee.

    Nobody wants to face the reality that Caylee is probably
    dead and buried by her mother. We all want the story to
    be different and that Caylee might have been kidnapped
    at the bar where Casey worked. With no money and not
    wanting to take Caylee to her grandmother, Casey just
    might have left Caylee out in the car at the bar. Anybody
    wanting a beautiful child like that could have gotten into the
    car and kidnapped the child. Yes we want this to be what
    happened and that the kidnapper will return Caylee.

    Reality says that Caylee suffered a death and was buried
    by the mother to cover up what happened. The world is now
    on a wild goose chase trying to find little Caylee because
    the mother won’t tell what she knows. If drugs were involved a drug dealer may have Caylee holding the child
    as a security deposit to get his money for the drugs he fronted. This seems to be what Casey wants us to believe
    and why Caylee is said to be in danger. She is using the
    babysitter as a substitute for the drug dealer hoping that
    the police will figure it out. She can use this babysitter
    kidnapping story forever. The police must take a chance
    and charge the mother with the death of Caylee and then
    a deal can be struck to reduce the charge to manslauder
    and then the childs body can be found.

    The world needs closure to this case and we all want Caylee to come home alive in a miracle.

    William Honey / Mighty God Church

  12. I think that caylee!s mom should be put to death, she is nothing but a whore, and she killes her sweet little girl

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