Comments policy

I have not needed an official policy on comments until now, but I have recently received non-spam comments which I have had to delete due to their racist content.

I will now spell out all the terms that must be agreed to in order for a comment to appear on my blog.

  1. The commenter must fill out a name and e-mail address. These will not be used for any purpose and will not be verified. The URL of a website/blog is optional.
  2. Any comment with at least 2 links will be held for moderation. The reason for this policy is that spammers tend to include multiple links in their comments.
  3. Comments that include what I judge to be obvious sexist or racist comments will be deleted.
  4. If I receive multiple comments that violate any of these terms, I will blacklist that person, so any future comments will be rejected.

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy reading my blog.

King Al

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