Incentive to return library books

A Wisconsin woman failed to respond to overdue notices for two paperback novels, then also ignored a notice to appear in court. The local police then showed up at her door, handcuffed her and drove her to the police station to have her fingerprints taken and her photograph taken.

These overdue books ended up costing her $202 – $30 overdue fines and $172 to get out of jail.  I wonder if she still uses the library, and if so, whether she remembers to return her books on time.

Or maybe she was thinking that she could do what Al Bundy did in an episode of “Married with Children.” He had a book that was overdue by about 40 years, so he snuck into the library, asked the library clerk to come to the shelf with him, shoved her out of the way, and put the book back on the shelf. Unfortunately, the library had a video surveillance system that taped his entire dastardly act…

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Proof that people will blog about anything

A few days ago, I referred to Al Bundy (the lead character in the TV show “Married With Children.”  It seems that there is at least one blog that may be scraping posts relating to Al Bundy. (They appear to be posting an excerpt, and I don’t want to do the research to determine if this falls under fair use provisions of copyright law.)

I don’t want to link to the post directly, so if you are interested it is at:

albundy dot morelyrics dot co dot uk/2008/06/28/at-least-al-bundy-wears-clothing-when-sticking-his-hand-down-his-pants/

At least Al Bundy wears clothing when sticking his hand down his pants

I sure hope that this man’s wife didn’t come home with some friends to witness this scene. Is he even awake?  My guess is “yes.”

Speaking about “Married With Children“, I wonder if Ed O’Neill (who played Al Bundy) ever fell asleep while filming scenes when he had his hand down his pants.