I’m back!!!

Man, I haven’t blogged anything in ages…  I’m not really sure why not. Just lazy, I guess.

A few co-workers and I have been participating in our own little diet challenge.  For July, the rules were that we had to workout 3 times per week (but the definition of workout was rather lax, as a 15-minute walk would qualify) and that we were not allowed to consume anything other than water after 7:30 pm (with the obvious loophole being that one could pig out before 7:30 pm). Anyone who blew it had to pay $2 (this penalty was per week, not per occurrence, so if you blew it once, you might as well blow it again…)

For the four weeks we did this, each of us had two weeks where we failed at least once. (My first failure occurred on the very first day, because I was so hungry at night that I had to snack at around 10 pm.)

Last Friday, we took our penalty money and splurged at a Chinese buffet…

We started  a new challenge on August 1. We have to do a 30-minute workout every day (penalty of $1 per day where you don’t do a 30-minute workout.) I have succeeded both days this month (30 minutes on the treadmill yesterday and today) so far, but I don’t see myself working out every day for a month.

I think S (one of the participants)is waiting for the rest of us to blow it so when we go out to lunch again she will be eating lunch with our money… (I don’t think she will blow it because I think she lives on a treadmill since she eats a ton and stays in great shape…. by the way, I am also in shape- round is a shape!)

Update 8/3: I lost about 3 pounds in July.

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2 Responses

  1. Welcome back and congrats on your little challenge… I am on the same boat atm… but 7 days?? You need at least one day rest! And the Chineses buffet??? This is the one place I want to stay away from!!! lol

  2. I think on the 7th day I will just walk for 30 minutes… otherwise I will be really sore! Yes, I can’t afford to go to Chinese buffets often.

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