Chinese cheating at the Olympics

If you are thinking that I am writing about a Chinese athlete failed a drug test, you are…… wrong.

Chinese officials decided that a 7-year girl who was supposed to sing at the opening ceremonies was not attractive enough, so they decided to have a more attractive girl lip sync.

A Chinese official said,

The national interest requires that the girl should have good looks and a good grasp of the song and look good on screen.

How pathetic can you get? If they really needed the singer to be attractive, why on earth did they not get one with a voice that was acceptable to them instead of having the attractive singer lip sync to the non-attractive person’s voice? It is inconceivable that they couldn’t find one in a country with a population of well over a billion people.

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46 Responses

  1. I had read that. What a shame. It’s a disservice to both children. I guess I don’t understand the criteria being used for “cute” either… Yang Peiyi looks very cute to me

  2. I think they moved that seven-year-old to the gymnastics team. 😉

  3. Haha…I think Thomas is on to something. Those gymnasts didn’t look sixteen at all!

    But yeah, it is rather pathetic…and really sad that they would do that to a little kid.

  4. Well, Chinese communist leaders are known for their strikehard image, they don’t care for people or their values or feelings, don’t forget millions of Chinese killed by the Communist leaders duirng the Cultural Revolution…

  5. There is no way they moved a 7 year old to their gymnastics team. She’s too old.

  6. The judges are a bunch of cheaters and in it together with the chinese at the olympics.

    What a joke, the chinese are leading in almost everything that is judged. But anything that is a timed race or scored by a goal they are average.

    The boxing is even a farce because it’s a judged point.

    This is the worst olympics I have ever seen as far a scandals and lob sided judging. What a disgrace.

    And then they are trying to promote china as some tourist destination, what a joke. What’s really there, a wall, some panda bears and some rugged countryside other than the poverty stricken villages and prison areas.

    Did anybody notice that no family members are in the audience for any of the chinese. Because they don’t even know who they are. Oh, they were selected when they were 3 bacause they were special. Ya right, they were captured and kidnapped when they were a child by the govt.

    That’s why the U.S.A. are leaders in all the timed races and goal scoring events.

    The USA competes from the heart, the chinese compete with the head.

    One world one dream?

    It’s more like, your world, regime!

  7. I am not surprised that the Chinese decided to pull the old switcheroo and traded out the ordinary-looking girl for the extraordinary looking girl to “sing” at the opening ceremony in consideration of their desire to achieve perfection and make the rest of the world think China is just filled with gorgeous little girls who can sing like birds. Look what they did with the Women’s (and I use the term loosely) Gymnastic Team? What a coincidence that 5 out of the 6 who performed were just barely 16 (one girl isn’t 16 until the end of August actually) and they have the nerve to think we believe those phony passports are the real thing? Please. Phony documents are a dime a dozen in China. One look at these young girls and you can clearly see they are nowhere near 16 yet. My god…they haven’t even developed. It just goes to show you what the Chinese government will do to win first place and show up the Western world. Hopefully, some day this deception will be revealed for what it really is–cheating, plain and simple.

  8. Ya, you can test bone tissue to determine age accurately. This should be done as you can test for everything else. Remember the 2 russian girls in the past were disqualified after their gene tests determined they were more man then woman.

    This is no different and this is a complete scandal with the gymnastics squad.

    They can also test their teeth and determine their age. If this would be done, I am sure the chinese govt. would either pull all their teeth or replace the kid with someone who is of age and say it’s the same girl. As they all look like the same alien.

    Pretty predictable when your dealing with a corrupt communist regime that will do anything possible to win so they can tell their people what their doing is right when they kidnap the next bunch of child prisoners sentenced to compete whether like it or not.

    This a complete disgrace to the olympic games.

    They must think we actually believe all star wrestling is for real.

    Boycott Wal-Mart and teach them a lesson. when you shop at wal-mart, you are only supporting the chinese govt. and nuclear weapons which may be used on us.

    Buy American if it don’t say made in America don’t buy it. You are only supporting a govt. sweat shop filled with young children who can’t do back flips

  9. @Ryan: LOL

    @ScamRevealed (5:56 pm): Yeah, but the judges at every Olympics are always suspect, whether the games are in China, Greece, or wherever.

    @UrbanCowGirl : I guess they decided that since drug testing would be really strict, they would cheat on the passports and finding other ways to cheat that don’t involve drugs.

    @ScamRevealed (7:45 pm): Are those tests allowed by IOC rules? If not, then maybe they should change the rules so that they can catch the age cheaters.

    The problem with boycotting Wal Mart is that other stores also have lots of made in China products. Yes, people should pay more attention to where the product is made (and be willing to pay more for a quality product.)

  10. Awwww, that’s SO sad! The singer (with the real voice) is really cute too, just not “Stepford” cute. I hope she makes it big as a singer and proves that it doesn’t matter if you’re not perfect. Poor little girl.

  11. @katelynjane: I thought so too. I guess this is to be expected from a country that also cheats on its fireworks…

  12. I heard about the fireworks fiasco too…I find it really disturbing. It may seem small but that could be a doorway to allowing other manufactured media to be aired under the guise of an actual event on live television.

  13. @brittany marie: Yes, that is also pretty pathetic. That form of cheating is unfortunately somewhat common – there have been lots of reports of news photographers doctoring their photos.

  14. seriously, the judging in womens’ all around gymnastics i’ve seen so far has been pathetic, china has been messing up all over the place and yet they are in first right now, i think somethings up with the judging, because with all of the “deductions” that should have been taken off some of them weren’t for china.

  15. they are communists they can change any legal documents they want, including the passports that say the age.

  16. Why do you make a fuss about kids winning gold medals? the fact is that those kids are better than anyone else in the world… so why make a scene because you didnt win?
    Also before you accuse China of cheating, i suggest you look at your Track and Feild teams of the past and see who really is the cheat. Drugs and Steriods are the worst cheat than putting 14 year olds on the stage to take the gold medal from sore loosers.
    Age should not be a factor in the olympics. If the UK can have a 14 year old diver, then gymnists should also be allowed the same. The fact remains that they are better than anyone else in the world hence are awarded the gold medal. dont pout over age.
    Go make noise about doped up runners who steal olympic records and pose for pictures all over the world claiming they are so great. Why dont you make a scene about that? Doped up athletes are the worst cheaters…not kids.

  17. I never said the kids were cheating. The Chinese government is cheating. That is an important distinction.

    There is a reason why children are not permitted to compete in gymnastics. Their bodies and bones are still maturing and the constant pounding can theoretically cause permanent damage.

    Most of the athletes in other sports where doping is common are over 18. Their bodies have matured, so are much less likely to cause damage by the impacts. Also, they are legally entitled to make their own decisions, and are much less likely to be manipulated. Exploiting children is MUCH worse than adults voluntarily injecting themselves with dangerous substance.

    And if you look at this list of cheaters. every country in the world has cheated. Communist countries (East Germany in the 80s, China in swimming in the 90s) were both at least as bad as the current United States.

  18. Chris

    What kind of drugs are you on. Rules are there for a reason. For pete sake it’s not that the young children are better for their age, their smaller and more flexible at that age. For crying out loud the balance beam is like a sidewalk to them when your only three and half feet tall. Look at the size of their feet at that age, they can go 5 of theirs across the width of the beam rather than the normal 2. On the floor exersise when they are done with their flipping the mat line is fifteen feet away. A chance of going out of bounds for someone that size is rare. On the uneven bars, they dont have to spread their legs as there is no possible way they will touch the other one al all. The point is we have 13 and 14 year old girls that are excellent at that age and should be allowed to compete then. The fact is you have to train deligently when you start becomming of age to correct all of them issues from when you were able to do it more freely as a child without fault. Play by the rules or don’t play at all.
    Now do you get it! It’s not complaining because they are better, they are not qualified period. And that is the reason they let younger ones dive, because there isn’t any attracting or detracting influence. If stupidity was music, you would be a brass band.

  19. The US wins the timing event because they are the best at doping!

  20. Maybe, but the East Germans were much better at it in the 80s. If the US was as good at doping as the East Germans, they would win every gold medal…

  21. I really doubt Phelps doped up Tom Brandon

    His success boils right down to really being a freak. Look at him, his upper body is 4 ft. and his legs are 2.5 ft, he’s a freak with a speach impediment.

    Don’t blame it on dope because he looks, swims, and talks like a frog. In fact it’s borderling special olympics for that guy and he made his mark in the big league.

    That’s what it’s all about . What do you think he did, inject steroids in his back with a turnakit around his waste? Then explain the size 14 duck feet.

    For Pete sake give the guy some credit as he found his niche in life. He’s much better off out there winning hearts for hope than traveling around with a circus act charging 2 bits for a close up glimpse of this fine example of human mutation.

    It’s all in Gods plan, praise the Lord and pray for them cheating budists to hopefuly come around someday and ask for forgiveness.

    Amen brother.

  22. cheating………………..doping…………………..a rule is a rule and it also applies to the chinese , they stripped Marion Jones of her metals because of rules IF the chinese girls are under age they should be stripped of their metals as well . Sorry thats life. I buy American made when I can I dont support outside countries…..only when I have too.

  23. Unfortunately the IOC is just going to accept their passports as evidence of their age. Idiots.

  24. It’s funny how they were able to buyout the IOC, FIG and the judges with the billions of dollars they’ve made through unfair trade with the U.S. while poisoning kids with lead and poorly manufactured products. I too buy American, but remember “made in usa” is rare these days. Even american cars have parts important. The He Kexin vs. Nastia Liukin identical score is really pissing me off at the moment. Not only should He be disqualified because we all know she’s 12 but the judging is despicable. The incentives for the judges must be a couple million dollars and free products for as long as it says “made in china”.

  25. Seems to be that way. But I don’t think even the judges are dumb enough to want anything made in China…

  26. I was just watching the sync. diving for men and was awestruck by the cheating. First of all, the u.s. performed some simple dive and looked to me like there were no mistakes and they were perfectly in sync except for the entering of the water, but they scored extremely low. Next, another country performed the same exact dive, there was no synchronization at all and were both way off, but scored high 8s and low 9s. Then I realized that the country just mentioned was competing with the u.s. for a medal, so its pretty obvious that the judges, no matter how diverse they are, are completely bias towards their own country and against high scoring countries such as the u.s.

  27. Also that Alicia Sacremete (not sure on spelling) girl was cheated out of a medal in the vaulting competition, the chinese girl fell and still was in the top 3 while Alicia placed 4th. Even that Bella guy was freaking out about it. China has ruined these Olympics

  28. Agreed,China is an embarrassment. The medals should be taken away from the 14 year old girls and the judges should be taken out back and shot Chinese style. Their attempt at glorifying China and making the world think they are for real only exposes that they have no honor. The judges are just as bad.What a sad way to ruin what could have been a great Olympics. I guess they will lip sync their excuses along with their falsified passports.

  29. @bigboy: I didn’t watch that event. Did they ever say which countries the judges are from? I know that the judges are bias in favor of China (big surprise), but what other countries are they favoring?

    @David: Big surprise. The judges were clearing favoring China in gymnastics. Too bad the IOC was kissing China’s asses.

    @Ron: Yep. And to think that most of the world was thinking that the United States were the worst cheaters in the world…. I wonder what China is gonna do at the closing ceremonies.

  30. I’m Chinese and sad to say I’m not really all that surprised. Because Chinese people (especially people in the Main Land) likes to make everything grand. Chinese people are proud people and they are willing to do anything to look good. Fake fireworks, lip syncing, underage gymnasts. The fact that pretty much everything is fake in China anyway… bootleg dvd’s, fake designer bags. Even fake eggs, fake fish, fake soy sauce… yeah you read it right.. fake food! There was this huge scandal a while ago about how some foods are made with wastes, paper, metals, and dyes.

  31. oh and my comment is for the fake-ness of Chinese people. I do not support the US or calling anyone a cheater. I especially find Bela Karolyi overly biased and extremely irritating.

  32. Also in the trampolene the chinese won even though he did subpar routine. Everyone thought the brit won(I think that he was from GBR) and his routine was almost perfect.

    A ABC friend of mine says that it’s ok for chinese to cheat because they don’t believe in the rules(such as being too young to compete).

    He also says that chinese rather be a fake somebody than a real nobody and it has something to do with blonds. (essentially the chinese have an inferiority complex where the white guy si going to take all the chinese women and the chinese want the blonds)

    In any case it’s obvious by all the “coincidences” that china is cheating.The real difference is that it’s supported by the government and the populace. In most democratic countries it’s not supported by the government and usually looked down upon. Most individuals do it in secret or with there coaches but it doesn’t propagate up to the government… well, at least not like china. Hell, even russia is probably not as bad as china.

  33. @togirl: Yes, Chinese have always valued achievement. I’m not sure where it devolved into win at all costs. While US athletes have certainly cheated, there hasn’t been a national cheating program like they had in East Germany and the USSR in the 80s, and certainly no use of underage gymnasts.

    @JuJu: I agree with your last paragraph. The other countries’ cheaters are individual cheaters, as opposed to the Chinese governmental cheaters. Russia is not as bad not, but the USSR and East Germany were even worse in the 80s (in my opinion.)

  34. So far to date I counted that of the 43 medals China has won 35 of them have been from events with ‘judges’. Outright the Chinese have only won 8 gold medals. The Americans have only received 2 gold medals from ‘judges’, Great Britain none and Australia none with Russia getting about 3. Almost all ‘judges events’ went to China – a good 99%. I cannnot believe that is a true picture. Something is wrong that nobody else gets these gold medals from judges except exclusively China. Judge for yourself.

    Cheating at the Olympics is being promoted by the government and is an embarrassment to the Chinese people.

  35. China is nothing more than a 3rd world country. The whole NBC glorifying China as this great cultural spritual awesome place is just as mis leadng as how the Liberal Media portrays America. Why can’t NBC glorify the US every night on the news instead of trash it. HMM doesn’t make any sense.

    As far as cheating it is this simple, the Chineses’ pool of available participants is greater. I’m sure if the US could use 12-15 year old girls not all of the current participants would be there. Think of it as having a bigger bench in basketball or football.

    This is no suprise to me, the ChiComs would glady kill 10,000 people to get one gold medal. Their whole save face thing is a load of crap. Please don’t confuse Japanese and Chinese culture. The ChiComs are just as cheap and lame as the crap they send to the US.

  36. @Dave: Great work! How much did China pay the IOC and/or the judges?

    @A: The US certainly COULD use 12-15 year old girls, but like other countries, has enough scruples not to.

    I’d hardly use the Japanese as a paragon of virtue, as they still won’t admit they did anything wrong in China before WWII.

  37. I agree of what are you saying here about Chinese and their Chinese Government.
    I am an Asian too but I really disagree for what the Chinese are doing this time in order for them to be on top.
    Those stuff that they continue doing is inhuman and made them known as the Giant Monster in Asia.

  38. Current standings give China about a 40% lead over the next country, U.S.A. I checked the standings for the 2000 Olympics, if you could guess, China wasn’t leading, in fact, they ranked third and most of the judged events went to the other countries.
    I’m American, I’m not very patriotic, I also don’t really care for the Olympics, and I absolutely think every country cheats, it’s just more ridiculous when the Chinese do it. If there’s anything I really can’t stand it’s pride. Pride assumes a misinterpreted history revealed through personal, boastful, association with past events, rather than an objective outtake -what actually happened. China appears frightening to a lot of people because they have the most pride, meaning they are more likely to rewrite history, put a Chinese face on Orwell’s black boot, and rig the Olympic games. It’s pretty scary knowing there are millions of misinformed people inside of a large country willing to die for misinformation.
    Anyway, get used to it. We’re all second class citizens in the next 5-10 years under a Chinese flag, copulating for the production of blonde women for use of overweight Chinese government members that look like the offspring of Jaba the Hut and a goldfish.
    Enjoy it. I for one, am learning how to eat dumplings with chopsticks. They keep slipping off of the chopsticks meaning you have to kind of stab at them to pick them up. They don’t taste so bad though, that is, if you eat around the baby eyes.


  39. @erliza: Giant Monster is a very good name for China…

    @Brian: I agree every country cheats, but there have been other countries with governmental cheating, so China is not necessarily the most prideful country.

  40. China keeps stacking up those gold metals. They won another gold metal today. It was the gold metal in cheating.

  41. china has disgraced itself internationally…and shown to all the world what their government really is…dispicable, offensive, evil…caring for only the superficial rather than true would be more honorable to lose with grace and dignity, than to win by lies and deception which is how they won most of their medals…the funderage female gymnasts is soooooooo obvious, the judging a little less so, but come on, when the vaulter falls on her knees and beats out Alicia Sacramone who did two very good vaults, ….????? did anyone see the flyweight boxing contest where the mongolian boxer, gave up and the chineese boxer wins the gold? come on!!!

    Let alone, the truly pathetic act of having the so called “pretty girl” lip synch…the chinese has totally dishonored and disgraced themselves and never never never should have been given the games to host.

    I do hope the Ioc and Fig have the balls to take away the medals from the female gymnasts! but alas I fear it will be politics as usual

    Shame Shame Shame on you China

  42. Yeah. the judging was horrible, especially in the women’s gymnastics. I wonder how much China paid the judges.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think the FIG will be able to prove that the passports are false. Unless they find documentation, nothing is going to happen.

    There are tests for bone tissue and teeth, but I think they have too large a margin of error to be considered foolproof.

  43. If China make fake items from any brand… What kind of ethics is that?

    why not cheat in your country’s biggest show?

    The olimpic games were a big disappoint to me, since the begining, fake singer, fake fireworks, fake girl’s ages, fake points to chineses…just the iceberg peak…

    Just try to prove it…that’s the problem
    The true is over there…on TV. This is embarrasing for the Olimpicis Games original concept.

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