Right after my dog ate my homework, my cat…

A man was recently arrested in Florida for having over 1,000 child pornographic pictures on his computer.  He claimed that it wasn’t his fault – whenever he left his computer, the cat would jump onto the keyboard, and the child porn would mysteriously end up on his computer…

While I will give him some points for originality, he is a complete idiot if he thinks anybody will believe that somehow the cat knows how to get to porn sites and then download them. He would have been better off blaming it on the CIA or the FBI – that would be a much more believable story.

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4 Responses

  1. Ain’t that the truth! Although there IS the Twinkie defense that worked once, LOL!!!

  2. Come back, Al, come back. Where art thee? This is Kelly from Psycho Carnival. I’m back to posting again. But how are you doing??????

  3. OMG my cat does the exact same thing! i got ot from shelter, i wonder if it was his ca coz he had no where to put it when he went to jail?

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