Sad state of education funding

One high school calculus teacher in California has resorted to selling advertising on his exams due to lack of money to print/copy them. Given the state of the economy and the budget crisis in California, funding for public schools is going to get even worse. While this obviously is not something we want to see on a regular basis, this is a very creative way  of having enough money to avoid shortening the exams to reduce the printing costs.

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Why do students ask so many stupid questions on the Internet?

Why do so many students post simple math homework questions on Yahoo Answers and other forums (similar in difficulty level to the ones that I have posted about in my “Stupid Math Question of the Day” posts)?

In case you are wondering why I only post math questions, it’s because I was a math major, so I am interested in the state of mathematical education.

(I am going to refer to both parent(s) and custodian(s) as parents for simplicity.)

Is it:

1. Their parents are not at home when they are doing their homework.

2. Their parents can’t do the problems.

3. Their parents are not interested in helping their children to do their homework.

4. The students are too lazy to do their own homework, so they want to get somebody else to do it for them.

5. Some other reason(s).

Clearly, numbers 2,3, and 4 are very disturbing if true.  #1 is also disturbing but an economic necessity in many cases. It would be interesting to see what other reasons there are.

Don’t you have anything better to do?

We have someone who is asking how to bring his grade in algebra up from 78% to 80% in two days.

Maybe he should use algebra to calculate what score he needs on the final to do so. It might also help if he got off the Internet and studied…