Michael Phelps – 100 m butterfly -WOW!

Wow! I thought the finals of the 4 x 100 m freestyle relay had  the most exciting finish that I would ever see. It appeared to be a bang-bang at the finish, but the United States won by 0.08 seconds.

But then I watched the 100 m butterfly final last night. Milorad Cavic of Serbia clearly had the race won with about 1 m left. But then he glided in and Phelps took a stroke to out-touch Cavic by 0.01 seconds. It was so close that you couldn’t tell from any of the underwater angles who had won. In fact, it appeared to me that Cavic may very well have touched the wall first.

In fact, Serbia filed a protest, but the tapes (being shown at 1 frame per 1/10,000 second)  showed Phelps winning.  CNNSI.com has frame by frame footage of this incredible finish on their website. Again, WOW!

But what the heck is wrong with Phelps? He didn’t even set a world record? 😉

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4 Responses

  1. Michael Phelps is no doubt a living legend and a genius in his field. From the way things have gone for him so far, I doubt he won’t make history by winning 8 golds.

    I watched that final too and it was a smart thing he did at the finish line. One more GOLD and it’ll take another decade or more before anyone can achieve his fit. What are the chances anyone will reach that record anytime soon?

  2. Yes that was a super exciting finish. I couldn’t tell who won, but I’m so glad Phelps got to the wall first. He’s amazing. I was hoping he’d beat that world record too just because thats waht he had done on every single other gold. But hey…a golds a gold.

  3. @SportingRock: Well, as the saying goes, records are made to be broken, so someone will eventually break it. Probably not soon, though.

  4. What Michael Phelps has done for himself and the U.S.A., sports and the world is truly golden,but what he has done for all the little Michael’s AND Michelle’s who may very well not even be born yet is (Here I go saying that word again) is

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