Blogger wanna-be

I am on the brink of thinking that people should be required to pass an exam in order to be able to blog.

Somebody asked the following question

I’m NEW!! and my first atempt at bloging!!

Where do I find my Blog address to send to my friends!?!

and got the following response:

The url is in the address bar! look at internet explorer (or any browser you’re using… where you type something too to search…if you’re on your blog…what you see there is your blog starts with…
www…. or ..http://………… 🙂

One would think that anyone who has ever used a computer could understand that, but another blogger-wannabe responded:

This reply does not help me at all. I\m new too and I do not know how to get to my blog. Please help me.


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3 Responses

  1. Goddamn, he should win- Imbecile Of The Year Award!

  2. Where has King All ran off to, wonder. He hasn’t posted in the last 21.3 years.

  3. I think she is one of my students

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