Popcorn man

Sacramento police recently arrested a man for burglary after they found a trail of popcorn kernels leading from the store he burglarized to his apartment.

I wonder if this idiot is related to the moron in Fresno who was arrested after leaving a trail of teriyaki chicken from the car he burglarized to his apartment. If not, maybe he is related to the idiots in Illinois (none of whom are the soon to be ex-governor) who robbed a pizza delivery person but left snow tracks for the police to track.

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5 Responses

  1. Maybe they’re all related to the idoit cop and his wife that ate pot brownies and called the cops on themselves because they thought they were dead.

  2. Man that is a stupid cop! That reminds me of the time(s) when idiotic drug dealers called the cops after being robbed of their product…

  3. I just can never get out of my mind, when they get to jail and a fellow inmate says what are you in here for? the embarrassment that must come with having to admit what stupid fucking criminal you are. LOL!!!

  4. Hmmm. I seem to have read that cop/pot brownie story somewhere….. but where? Ah, I know…. that screaming me-me blog. Heh heheh.

    Anyway, King Al, you have once again displayed yet another fine example of human stupidity on your site. I have no doubt that Popcorn Man has not learned his lesson and will most likely leave a trail of Goobers next time.

  5. @Allison: If I was that guy, I would certainly lie when asked what I was in for…

    @Kelly: Thanks! Stupid criminals make the world a little brighter…

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