Idiotic newspaper writers and editors

Prosecutors recently blew an informant’s cover by having him testify in open court, where he was recognized by the defendant and some of the spectators.

The Sacramento Bee published an article today with the headline “Sacramento trial blows the cover of an informant” that gave all the details, but published his name! If you want to talk about blowing the informant’s cover, the Bee is the primary culprit. There were probably under a hundred people who knew his name before this article was published, but since it is now on the Internet, there could be tens of thousands of people who know his name (though 99% of those people are not likely to care.) The headline should be changed to “Sacramento Bee blows the cover of an informant.”

While the paper has the right to publish this information, they need to consider the effect that this will have on his life. It is likely that other gangs will try to have him eliminated (even though he is being relocated.) They should not be publishing information that can put someone’s life in jeopardy unless it is crucial for the public to know, which is certainly not the case here.  This newspaper ironically has the problem that they do not give vital information (the race of the suspect) in crime cases unless it is a Caucasian.

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