A very Black Friday

There were two reports of fatalities involved at Black Friday sales today.

In the first tragedy,  impatient shoppers broke down the door at a Wal-Mart in New York and trampled a Wal-Mart employee to death. Other employees trying to help the first victim were also trampled. There were at least four people sent to the hospital , including an eight-month pregnant woman. When shoppers were told that the store was closing because an employee was killed, the shoppers were complaining that they had been in line since Thursday morning.

Leaving aside the fact that people skipping time to celebrate and give thanks with their friends or family in order to line up to buy stuff are totally missing the point of Thanksgiving, how on earth can these idiots consider their convenience more important than someone’s life? Anyone who can be identified should be charged with manslaughter.

In the second tragedy, two men shot each other to death in a Toys ‘R’ Us in California. Their female companions were brawling, then one of the men pulled a gun. He put it back, but the second man had pulled his gun, and then all hell broke loose. This incident did not appear to be directly related to Black Friday, but tensions probably run a little higher on Black Friday, which may have caused the initial brawl.

It’s really pathetic that people would carry guns into a stores, especially a children’s store.  These idiots got what they deserved, and thankfully no one else got hurt.

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7 Responses

  1. Craziness 😦

  2. On the Walmart story….

    There would be no item in this world I would trample a human being and kill over. As far as I’m concerned, those idiots are selfish, indifferent monsters. I agree. They should be charged with manslaughter. Or nailed to the floor to be trampled on.

    On the Toys R Us story….

    Guns? In a toy store filled with kids? Another fine example of the insanity of our species. And yes, they got what they deserved.

  3. Moral dilemma….. would you trample Bush and/or Cheney?

  4. No fair, Al. Can’t I stack Bush on top of Cheney and drop a piano on them?

  5. What the fuck is wrong with these people, Someones life was taken away here and someone is going to complain because they stood in line all that time. How do they go home that evening and have dinner with their families and bitch and complain that wal-mart closed due to a death that by all intents and purposes they caused? It just sickens me! I bet not a one of them thought for one minute what the true meaning of the season is about! They were thinking of no one but themselves, Geez what an example we show our young one’s huh?
    They just got to get “little Sally” that toy at ANY expense!

  6. Kelly: Too bad Bush didn’t go with Cheney on that infamous hunting trip…

  7. @Allison: Yeah, I agree 100%.

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