Misadventures of a cell phone

In July, Bill Clinton Phillip Sherman of Arkansas  left his cell phone filled with nude pictures of his wife at McDonald’s. Some enterprising person posted the photos online. Sherman is now suing the store manager, franchise owner, and the corporation for $3 million.

While it is obviously true that the McDonald’s employees totally screwed up, what kind of idiot forgets his cell phone full of nude pictures? One might become a cynic and think that this was a scheme to collect millions of dollars…

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6 Responses

  1. I’ll say he’s a bit kinky for keeping nude pictures of his wife on his phone. But leaving something behind doesn’t make one an idiot. If you think it does, remember how one time I mailed you a Mets baseball ticket and you showed up in New York without the ticket?

  2. Losing a cell phone without extremely embarassing pictures is not that bad – people do it all the time. Since he valued the embarassment factor at $3 million, you would think that he would have handled it accordingly (though none of this excuses the McDonald’s employee(s) )

  3. Label me the cynic! after all the phone was not lost in a mom and pop store, in little town U.S.A.
    Sue Happy, Sue Happy, Sue Happy. You just don’t leave shit like that in a place (on the cell phone) where it’s possible for it to end up in the wrong hands, (no pun intended)

  4. @Allison: I completely agree about the sue happy… Sure, go ahead and sue the employee. Leave the store manager, franchise owner, and the corporation out of it. They had nothing to do with it!

  5. Which comes back around full circle and Sue Happy. The employee is a McDonald’s employee making minimum wage. Phillip Sherman is not going to make a dime from the minimum wage employee of McDonalds, So he gets Sue Happy and attempts to take it out on the ones with the real money.
    How about this? I think the wife of ol’ Phillip Sherman ought to sue her husband for Negligence

  6. @Allison: Hopefully the judge has some common sense and dismisses the case because it is unreasonable for McDonald’s to include in their training procedures “Do not upload pictures from customers’ cell phones to the Internet.”

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