Sacramento State men’s basketball record is broken!

The school where I got my master’s degree, California State University at Sacramento (colloquially known as Sac State), has held the Division I record for most consecutive losses in men’s Division I basketball since January 1999. Well, not any more!  The New Jersey Institute of Technology just broke the record with their 35th consecutive loss.

I’m sure Sac State is glad to have that monkey off their backs. Of course, they still have a chicken and the egg dilemma. They’re not going to get many good recruits unless they get a better gym (which isn’t even as good as many high school gyms), but they’re not going to get a better gym until they start winning consistently. Of course, given the current budget crisis, I don’t think that is going to happen anytime soon (not that I expected it to, since the administration was talking about the new gym when I was there in the mid 90s…)

Oh well. At least they don’t own that record any more.

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