End of soccer season

Our last game of the season was last Saturday. Yesterday we had an end-of-the-season soccer party at a local pizza place. Fortunately all 8 players were there. After everyone had eaten pizza and cake, we acknowledged each player and how he improved over the season, then handed him a trophy with his name and his official photographs (one team photo, and one individual photo.)

The team gave me a card that was signed by each player (well, technically, printed, since 5-year olds generally cannot write in cursive…) Some of the kids wrote some of their letters inverted, as if they were looking in a mirror.  I wonder if this is normal.  I also got a gift card to Big 5 (sporting goods store.) I guess I should buy a soccer ball…

I had a lot of fun this season, and if my schedule permits, I would like to see these kids again next year.

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5 Responses

  1. Aww, that sounds like a perfect ending to a great season of fun! I think inverting letters is totally normal. Not sure why but have seen a lot of it over the years too.

  2. It sounds like you had a perfect end of the season party. It’s good to hear that you were honored. With regard to inverting letters I wonder if that wasn’t an indication of dyslexia. Have a great weekend and best wishes.

  3. @timethief: Thanks for the possible dyslexia tip. I’m googling the subject now.

  4. What a wonderful ending to a wonderful season. As far as the inverted letters, yes it is a sign of dyslexia, but it’s more of a sign of their age. If they were in the 3rd grade or something that would be different. I have a couple of cards from each of my sons AND now my grandson at that age with their letters backwards. They are just fine tuning their writing skills.
    Congrats to a memorable season for you and all those children. RIGHT ON!!!

  5. @Allison: That’s kinda what I thought as well (them being 5 or 6.) Mirror-writing is cool though. I wish I could do that!

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