Yet another idiotic criminal

This seems to be Derek Berset’s burglar’s checklist: Mask, gloves, toolbox, get-away vehicle, identification, and passport. The need for the mask, gloves, toolbox and a vehicle is obvious, but many burglars overlook the need for the passport (in case they have to get out of the country) and identification (in case they have to pawn an item that they stole.)

Berset was arrested yesterday morning after coming back to the scene of a burglary to retrieve his passport and identification.

Hey Derek, why did you have the passport? It’s kind of a long drive to Mexico, and Nevada is not a foreign country. Maybe you can grow a brain while in jail… on second thought, save us the trouble, so you can amuse us the next time you get busted.

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3 Responses

  1. Gosh, I just HATE it when I leave all my I.D. at the scene of my crime, ESPECIALLY when I have all those outstanding warrants to boot, Plus the fact I did get away with it initially, but shit ya know how much a replacement I.D. costs.
    Unbefuckinglievable! And I had to steal that bike to get back there.
    Thanks for the night chuckle!

  2. Hmm… maybe he stole a bike because he knew it wasn’t legal to drive without his license (which he apparently left at the crime scene).. a thief who obeys driving laws???

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