Soccer game #10

(In case you noticed there was no blog entry for game #9, that’s because it was rained out and will not be made up.)

This week my squad consisted of C, D, and Je. The other team was short on players so instead of the usual 3-on-3, we played 2-on-2. We ended up losing today, because the one thing I was afraid would happen all season finally happened today for the first time – for some reason, we were really confused about what direction we were going in, even though I kept shouting “Go the other way!” We lost 5-2, but we scored 3 wrong-way goals. They also scored a wrong-way goal, so if everyone was going the right way, we would have won 2-1. (Not that this is of any importance in this league, but I’m just saying…)

This was the last game of the season, so there will be no more soccer blog posts. We’ll see what my schedule looks like next year. If I can do it again next year, I should be a better coach.

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4 Responses

  1. LOL, pandemonium on the playing field! I’ll miss the posts 😦 I bet you’re already a good coach, hope you get to do it again. Look forward to next season.

  2. You have to admit they ended the season in a way that won’t be soon forgotten. LOL!!!
    I too am going to miss these posts, and I would already say it is apparent that you are an excellent coach just by these posts. I for one am hoping you will still be blogging AND will be coaching next year. Do you think you would coach the same group? Or would you be coaching others? Just curious!

  3. @anglblshes and @Allison:

    Thanks for the compliment. At this level, I think you just let the kids play and don’t overcoach them,which some other coaches seem to do.

    We’ll see what my schedule looks like next year, and I might get a lot of the same kids!

    By the way, I’m planning on helping the same friend coach Little League in the spring. This should be interesting, as I actually played baseball for several years, unlike soccer (which I only played in PE class.)

  4. Now that IS fun, I have helped out with that for years being a mom to 4 sons and now my grandson. I have never been a coach or assistant coach but I have done the base coach thing. Next year my grandson will be out of T-Ball so I too am hoping to pick it up again

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