First work day after Daylight Savings Time ended

Today was my first day of work since Daylight Savings Time ended. The “worst” time of year is now beginning – it is dark when I go to work, and it is dark when I get back from work. To make things worse, it was gloomy in the morning, so it was still half dark when I got off the bus. When I got back from work, it was raining and windy, not to mention dark…

I think the Federal government should just abolish DST. Studies have shown that it does not save any energy. If we didn’t have DST, I would already be going to work in the dark and coming back in the dark, but at least I would have been able to gradually transition into the darkness.

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6 Responses

  1. I hate DST, too. It made sense back in the days when there were so many farmers but not now.

  2. It also might have made more sense if they could’ve got the cows to go along with messing around with the clock…

  3. Coming from where I live, which by what you write is only a couple hundred miles from where you call home, it really brings meaning to cabin fever. Being as isolated as we are can be downright dangerous during this time of year. Do not get me wrong, we love living here in these mountains, but I would find it hard to believe there are a lot of people that really like DST around here. Matter of fact I believe you just gave me an idea. LOL!!!
    Yes it sucks!!!!

  4. I can’t understnad the aim of time change. If it doesn’t help to save energy what for torment people for whom it is difficult to get used to new time.

  5. There are a lot of kids sports that are played in parks that don’t have lights. They definitely benefit from DST.

  6. That’s true, but the same kids may also be going to school in the dark after DST begins.

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