Kids whose parents support Obama get no Halloween candy

Don’t be surprised if her house and/or car gets vandalized. If this happens, this is a rare instance where I am rooting for the criminal not to be caught.

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4 Responses

  1. I can not believe what I just saw! Thank you for sharing this. Pathetic, plain fucking pathetic. These are children. I wonder if she thinks she has taught them anything. I am sure glad I was not on that street with my grandson, because I most surely would be in jail.

  2. I guess I could be your cellmate! If I lived there, I would definitely have spray painted her house and hung her in effigy… she should be charged with multiple counts of child abuse.

  3. I’m betting she made enemies with the whole neighborhood where she lives. I agree. That woman is nuts and cruel.

    BTW, if you run out of candy to hand out to the kids on Halloween, is it okay to give them a booger? This happened to me the other night. But don’t worry…. it was freshly plucked.


  4. Yeah, I can only imagine what the neighbors with kids are doing when they see her…

    Yes, you can give them a booger. Since it is a “trick”, it technically falls under “trick or treat”.

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