Why, oh why do I get drawn into flame wars?

I spend a lot of time on the social networking site Plurk. I recently got myself involved in a nasty spat between two Plurk friends (now ex-friends.)

Basically what happened was that “A” had visited “B” in person. There was some alleged behavior from A that B did not approve of. B then apparently unfriended A, and A posted (plurked) griping that B had unfriended her without any warning. There were some other comments by A’s friends, and then B showed up in the thread. Oh man, he went ballistic, using the “F” work rather liberally. Not only did he totally trash A, but her friend “C”, telling C to shut his f***ing trap.

Some time later, I pointed out that he should’ve had the guts to tell A in private (as opposed to posting it in public) and that he should shut his f**king mouth.  Well, naturally, he tells me to f**k off and that he did nothing wrong.

My final words (so far) are that he is a bigger liar than GWB (I should probably have used Dick Cheney or Satan as an even better comparison).

The sad thing is,  that I really enjoy this flame war! I don’t know if it’s over, but I’m thinking “Bring it on! Tell me to f**k off again, you asshole!” Why do I like this so much? Maybe I should’ve been a lawyer…

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