My first belly flop

Here I am doing a belly flop when I was 4 years old. I guess the pain did not cause permanent damage to my psyche, as I used to go off the diving board all the time when I was older..

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11 Responses

  1. Nice blog. Thanks for sharing it

  2. If you’d have done the belly flop off of the high dive that might have been a different story. Does the background (community park?) still look like that or is it more developed?

  3. I used to be a swim coach for a summer team, and one of the most painful days every summer was when we tried to teach the younger kids how to dive. They were too scared to tuck their heads down – they wanted to keep an eye on the water and where they were headed – so the majority of them would belly flop. Even when they knew it would hurt, they refused to keep their heads down.

    And yet when you get older it’s almost impossible to belly flop on purpose because you know how much it will hurt.

  4. @Bryant: I don’t want to imagine how much that would hurt even for an older kid. I think you can see more stuff, but I haven’t looked from there.

  5. @Elle: Thanks for the insight. So how did they learn to do it correctly? Too many belly flops?

  6. Belly Flops I remember the day!
    Yea ain’t nothing quite that intensely painful let alone the looks of your belly when you get out!
    Thanks for the smile!

  7. Most of them got the hang of it eventually, through repetition – a big part of being a coach is making sure the kids don’t give up from fear, so you keep pushing them and encouraging them to try again and try again. If they trust you enough, eventually they try it your way, and once they get it right once it’s a big boost of confidence.

  8. @Allison: Yeah, you never forget that feeling!

  9. @Elle: I guess it comes down to the adage “It’ll get easier after you do it once.” Thanks.

  10. How cute! I remember my first belly flop too – that’s definitely something you don’t forget. Sorry for disappearing. My life is crazy. I think it will slow down after the holidays. Thanks for continuing to visit. I hope all is well with you!

  11. @Maria: I think a belly flop is incentive to learn how to dive correctly… I hope your life gets to be a little less crazy soon.

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