Soccer game #8

This week my squad consisted of C, Je, and V. The game was at noon today, and it was warmer than usual for late October. Je still can’t find his jersey, so he wore a different number again.

We were aggressive today. This is good, because I’ve occasionally had problems with aggressiveness with a squad of Je, V, and S, and I had Je and V today. Je was all over the field today. He was running after every kick, especially if the ball was going out of bounds. He must have fallen down at least 10 times doing  this, but he got right back up every time. C was much more active and aggressive than in the past.  Also, he managed to play the whole game without being tired, which had always happened in the past. V was, as usual, very aware of what was going on (this is a problem with some of our players.) He dribbles very well, and was more aggressive than last week.

The first half was a well-played match. Unfortunately, we were losing 1-0 because we accidentally kicked the ball into our goal. Because our other squad was beating their other squad decisively, we decided to switch opponents for the second half. This was also a good half, which really should have been a 0-0 tie, but the referee incorrectly scored a goal for their team when we executed a throw-in in the wrong direction and it went into our goal. (You cannot score on a throw-in.) I didn’t make a big deal out of it because the score isn’t important, but maximizing the playing time is.

It was fun, with no untied shoelaces, though J’s shoe did fly off his foot once.

Only 2 more games in the season. Wow, that was fast – it seems like our first game was yesterday.

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3 Responses

  1. It does seem like its gone fast. I sure have enjoyed your commentary on the game. Hey you ever think about being a sportscaster? No I am not kidding!

  2. Apparently this guy doesn’t think so (the guy who commented on my July 23, 2008 post):

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