Another idiotic criminal

An idiotic burglar was busted in Fresno (California) because he was apparently too hungry to think clearly. After burglarizing a car and stealing a bowl of teriyaki chicken from the car, he ate it while walking back to his apartment, leaving a trail of rice.

How could he possibly fail to notice a trail of rice in his wake? It makes you wonder what blunder he will  commit in his next burglary. Maybe he’ll leave his wallet in the next car that he burglarizes, or better yet, he’ll decide to take a nap in the car…

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3 Responses

  1. Yep, they don’t come much brighter than that!

  2. […] governor of Illinois, but I wonder if they are related to this idiot in Fresno who got arrested because he left a trail of rice right to his […]

  3. […] wonder if this idiot is related to the moron in Fresno who was arrested after leaving a trail of teriyaki chicken from the car he burglarized to his […]

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