Pet peeve – people who do nothing except badmouth McCain or Obama

I spend a lot of time on the social networking services Twitter and Plurk. I don’t mind people who occasionally talk about McCain vs Obama, but I am getting really annoyed with people who do nothing except badmouth McCain or Obama (mostly McCain.) I am definitely voting for Obama, but this is way too much for me. Fortunately, Plurk allows you to mute threads (so you don’t see any updates), but I’m not sure how to mute these people in Twitter.

The funny thing is that I just commented in Robin Easton’s latest blog entry (see the comment made 10/20/08 at 7:21 pm) that I might stop blogging about my pet peeves.  Well, that lasted a whole 3 hours!

If I do that, I might as well also stop blogging about stupid math questions (which I really haven’t done much of lately). However, there’s no way I am going to stop blogging about idiots! You’ll have to pry the keyboard from my cold, dead fingers… On the other hand, maybe blowing off steam is good for my emotional health. Yeah, I’ll probably continue to post random stuff, but hopefully I can reduce the number of posts on these topics.

If you have actually read the whole post up to here, congratulations! You are probably the first person (other than myself) to read this whole post. As a prize, you can have some of my candy made with milk powder in China!

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6 Responses

  1. You are just soooooo funny without trying to be funny!!! LOL 🙂

    Also, loved what you wrote:

    “…but I am getting really annoyed with people who do nothing except badmouth McCain or Obama (mostly McCain.) I am definitely voting for Obama, but this is way too much for me.”

    It is so good to hear that, as I am so sick of all the bashing that has seemed to the excess this election. It is a horrible reflecction of an aspect of American culture that many people seem to think is perfectly normal — a bit like stalking movie stars and salmming them and hunting down all their supposed dirty laundry — and I for one am not proud of that aspect of American culture.

    I too voted for Obama, but the crap that’s flying exhausts me. Even over the phone. I pick it up and the person on the other end starts right in on it without even saying “Hi” to me! : o Shocking!! 🙂 I now screen all calls. Otherwsie it gets exhausting. The whole political thing right now is like one big pile of vomit . LOL ; )

    Good piece!

  2. I’m a fan of the stupid math questions.

    And I, too, get frustrated by the negativity on Twitter, especially when the people putting one candidate down get their facts wrong. If you’ve already made your choice, that’s fine, but do some research before blurting out ridiculous nonsense about the other guy.

  3. All I know is, is that I demand that you give me some of that good candy made from China.

    Damn it.

  4. @Robin: Political telemarketers…. another pet peeve. Maybe I’ll blog about it. Thanks for the idea!

    I guess a moratorium on negative campaigning is way too much to ask for.

  5. @Elle: When you’re in a heated debate, who lets facts get in the way of a good argument? Probably not that many people, unfortunately…

  6. @Kelly: Too late. I ate it all….. ACCKKKK!!!!!

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