Soccer game #7

This week my squad consisted of Je, V, and S. The game was at 10:15 a.m, and the weather was nice. The only peculiar thing was that Je had apparently left his jersey at his aunt’s house, so he had to wear a different jersey.

We were not very aggressive today. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, but this is the same squad I had 2 weeks ago when we had the same problem. It turned out fine, as the game ended up in a tie, 1-1. We also had a lot of big kicks, with players trying to score from midfield. We may  need to work on our passing in practice.

There is one thing I would like to comment on. My philosophy (for coaching 5-year olds) is basically to cheer them on and to minimize coaching to the times when player(s) are not paying attention (which happens frequently with some of the kids), out of position, are not doing something correctly (e.g. the throw in) or running the wrong way (which surprisingly, I haven’t seen yet.) I believe that this maximizes the fun factor for the kids.

On the other hand, today’s opposing coach liked to bark out (and I mean bark) more complex instructions, such as “Michael, where’s the ball? You need to watch where they are going to throw it in and be there!”  I wonder if kids respond to this type of coaching. It didn’t seem to work for that coach… even if it did work, I wouldn’t coach that way.

I just noticed that “complex” things that work in practice don’t work so well in games. In our latest practice, we had players run down the field in anticipation of another player doing a throw-in in that direction. However, in reality, the player would throw it in before the other player started running, so the other team would get to the ball first. I think we may have to simplify things in practice.

Again we had no shoelace problems (but the other team did) and no one on my squad got hurt. What more can you ask for?  Until next week!

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