My Internet presence

I have heard on many occasions Internet experts warning that most people have a much wider presence on the Internet than they think. I decided to try a few googles. I googled the following phrases:

  • wigwam2theorem – 10,800 results
  • “King Al” wordpress – 2, 660 results (I added the search term wordpress to try to eliminate results that are not me. I’m assuming that almost all of these are me.)
  • “my name” city state – 271 results (most of these appear to be me.)
  • – 434 results (which is far more than the number of posts on this blog.)

While my name is not associated with most of these (with the obvious exception being the search on my name, city, and state), it wouldn’t be too hard to track me down. For anybody who plans on cyberstalking me, you’re gonna be disappointed…

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