My idea for preventing wrong-way drivers on freeways

I think state Departments of Transportation  should consider installing those “severe tire damage” devices at the edge of freeway offramps. It could save a lot of lives lost due to those idiotic drunk wrong-way drivers. When someone runs over the device, law enforcement could be alerted.

You are probably thinking, “Wait a minute. There are going to be accidents caused when cars exiting the freeway crash into the wrong-way car, you moron!”  The sensor tripped by the wrong-way driver could also activate an electronic billboard near the offramp warning drivers there was a wrong-way driver. And even if an exiting car did crash into the wrong-way driver, it wouldn’t be nearly as bad as a crash of two cars barreling into each other at freeway speeds.

I bet that tire manufacturers would support this idea…

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2 Responses

  1. My God , I think you are onto something. I am dead serious, (no pun intended) And you could not be more right. Someone exiting the freeway is going so much slower (should be anyway) and once on the freeway , the wrong way driver can cause pileups etc. where sooo many more cars are involved! It really makes sense to me. Great idea! I would vote for it!

  2. I can make this the centerpiece of my campaign when I run for governor!

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