Grandma is an idiot

I can’t believe the risks that people take with children. A 52-year old woman was driving with her 5-year old  grandson on her lap and crashed into a house in Antelope, California. The crash killed the boy and left her in critical condition.The woman was not wearing a seat belt.

This woman should be given a long prison sentence (especially considering that she was driving with a suspended license) and NEVER be allowed to see any other grandchildren again.

As an aside, the article also points out that the boy was not properly secured in a car seat. Given that the boy was in her lap, I think the readers already figured that out. (The writer was trying to state that she also violated the law regarding child safety seats, but the way it was written sounds weird.)

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4 Responses

  1. Being 50 and the grandmother to a 6 year old boy, this whole thing is just plain hard to believe.
    Idiot is a kind word compared to what I might be inclined to say but I wont mess your site up with the words I would use. Brings new meaning to the saying “some people” What a sad, sad, story.

  2. I t hought about using other words myself. It wouldn’t bother me!

    It makes me wish that I was a telepath so I could know what on earth these idiots are thinking!

  3. Damn, what a depressing story. A child losing it’s life due to it’s grandmother’s ignorance. There are certainly no excuses for her actions. What was she trying to do? Teach him how to drive?

  4. Kelly, I guess that it was either that or she was too damn lazy to put him in his child seat.

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