Soccer game #6

This week my squad consisted of C, D, S, and Jo. The game was at noon on Saturday (10/11), but it was somewhat cold because it was unfortunately also somewhat windy.

The first quarter was somewhat of a struggle, with neither team scoring, though Jo came close twice, with his shots missing the goal by one or two inches.

During the second quarter, Jo went on a rampage. He scored 3 goals in the middle 3 minutes of this quarter (5 minutes), and had a few more near misses. With some luck, he could have had 6 or 7 goals in the first half, which would have exceeded the 5 he had last week (which I didn’t see, because my friend was coaching that game.)

The third quarter was like the first quarter, though Jo didn’t quite get as much action, as the other players were taking more shots, though unfortunately they didn’t make any.

Jo was scheduled to sit this quarter. (There are four players to a squad, and three are playing at a time, so everybody has to sit one quarter.) His mom said right before the quarter started “Jo is REALLY going to be mad.” And she was right. Jo stomped off the field. It’s really annoying when adults do it, but that’s kind of funny when 5-year olds do it.

The fourth quarter was going like the first and third quarters, when we had a defensive lapse. They scored two quick goals when we weren’t paying as much attention as we should have.

The final score was 3-2 in favor of my squad. It was a good game, with all the scoring being done in spurts (Jo’s spurt in the second quarter, and their two quick goals in the fourth quarter.) Other than the defensive lapse, we played really well. There were no untied shoe laces or anybody being hit in the face by the ball, so I was really happy.

Until next week!

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  1. Sounds like another great game! Looking forward to the next post!

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