Bureaucrats running wild

Davis High School (surprisingly, in Davis, CA) has recently banned students from having bake sales  (registration may be required to read the article) to raise money for clubs or charities as they apparently violate federal health laws. In addition, a teacher must be present at all club meetings and charity fundraisers can only accept checks – no cash!

If the bake sale thing is really a federal law, then they have to comply (though the government is being a bit ridiculous). However, the checks only rule is outrageous. Many of the people who contribute money are presumably students at the school. How many high school students have a checking account?

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2 Responses

  1. It’s unfortunate that an old standby for school clubs is gone, but in today’s health and safety-conscious world, it’s surprising this hadn’t happened before.

    The checks-only policy is disheartening; the administration clearly doesn’t trust students to turn over cash contributions.

  2. @Elle: Good point, but how do you REALLY know that any baked goods are safe, even ones you buy in the store?

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