Office picnic volleyball match

Our office had its annual potluck picnic barbeque today. The food was really good, but the highlight of the day was supposed to be the double-elimination tournament. This is the first year we’ve done it, as last year (which was my first year here), we just had informal games. I believe this is also the way it has been done in previous years.

The tournament did not get completed, as many of the teams had players withdraw, so we sort of had a mini-tournament for bragging rights. However, the highlight of the day came when another office in our organization, who was also having a picnic in the same park, challenged our office to a volleyball match, best 2 out of 3. They really wanted to beat us because we beat them earlier in tug-of-war (which I was not involved in.)

In game 1, we were having lots of problems, and quickly fell behind 8-0. Then W, who takes his volleyball very seriously, served really well and we went up 9-8 before they got a side out. Then it became pretty even and we ended up taking the first game 15-13.

Amazingly enough, we got into another big hole in game 2 and fell behind 7-0. Then we mounted another comeback and won the game 15-12.

The feeling that I had after this match of making two spectacular recoveries from large deficits was amazing – it was sort of like floating on cloud nine.

Considering that I very rarely play volleyball, I thought I played fairly well. Early in the day, my digs were not very accurate, but they got better the more I played. I’m looking forward to next year.

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