AIG executives should be shot

Almost immediately after the Federal government bailed out American International Group, Inc. to the tune of $85 billion, the company spent $440,000 to send executives to a spa resort. How in the hell can anyone with half a brain consider this acceptable behavior?  Yes, they would have forfeited their deposit if they had cancelled the trip, but that would have been the only choice any human being would have made.

As part of the bailout package, the government should demand that anyone who had anything to do with this trip resign and be barred for life from any job in the financial sector.

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7 Responses

  1. These AIG chiefs need to pay back every cents spent on this spa resort and then be fired and sent to prison. How sorry and low can humans get. Prison is the only place on this earth they should be.

  2. I agree with wigwam2theorem. Even though I wish we could punish them I wonder why they did not try to do the right thing and pay a penalty and cancelled the event.

    I do hope several people are fired over it at least.

  3. They should definitely be fired and forfeit their golden parachute packages.

  4. I agree. The greedy bastards should be shot.

  5. I remember when Worldcom was going through hell, that they had to get appoved by the SEC to give out raises to all their upper management so that they would stay and not leave the company as they were trying to clean up Bernie Ebber’s mess.

    And AIG sends their gaggle to a spa??!!

  6. @Tommy:

    They are now asking for more money. It must be to pay for the spa…

  7. I’d love to see them thrown in a maximum security jail. Let the convicts have their way with the real scumbags.

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