Soccer game #5

This week my squad consisted of Je, V, and S (initially – I’ll get into change in personnel later.) The game was at 8:00. Even though the weather report had forecasted rain, making today’s games questionable, the weather was good at the time.

Unfortunately, we lost 3-0 today. I don’t know why, but the kids weren’t as aggressive as usual today. Even Je and V, who are always wherever the ball is, played more passive than usual. We let the other team dribble up the field without challenging them, and they had the ball near our goal quite a few times.

We switched players at half because our other squad (each team has 2 squads, so we have 2 games going on at the same time) was dominating their other squad, so I got Jo and C, and lost S. Since I now had 4 players, Jo was scheduled to sit the third quarter.

The switching of players did not change anything. We stil were not very aggressive. To make things worse, C got hurt in the third quarter by a ball that bounced into his face, so Jo (who scored 5 goals in the first half in the other game) replaced C.  However, Jo himself got hurt a while later and left the game. Fortunately, C was feeling much better and came back in.

Maybe we need to practice aggressiveness, though they are VERY aggressive in practice. Oh well, I guess they just had an off day.  Just wait till next week!

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5 Responses

  1. I’ve been whacked full speed in the face with the ball. Not fun!

  2. I bet. But the problem here is that they are short enough to be hit in the face by bounced throw-ins and kicked balls. Hopefully in a year or two, they’ll be too tall for that to happen.

  3. Yeh that is sad about C getting hit with the ball, I hate to hear of any child getting hurt. As far as losing, even at there tender young age, it doesn’t hurt for a little dose of reality. It will only make them stronger. I think you said it best when you stated they probably had a off day. That stuff happens. Just as long as they don’t get discouraged with the loss, they will bounce back just fine I bet!!!
    You mentioned 8:00 as the time. Was it 8:00 at night? That’s a little late for the young ones. Maybe they were a little worn out!
    I love hearing about this team, I will be looking forward to the next post

  4. The game was at 8 a.m. , which seemed to be as much of a problem for some kids on our team (and their team as well) as 8 p.m. would be…

  5. […] know if it’s a coincidence, but this is the same squad I had 2 weeks ago when we had the same problem. It turned out fine, as the game ended up in a tie, 1-1. We also had a lot of big kicks, with […]

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