Results of my first poll

My first poll asked if you agreed with PETA that Ben & Jerry’s should use human breast milk instead of cow milk for their ice cream. Everyone (all 8 of you) who responded replied “No”, which agrees with every other survey I’ve seen on this subject.

PETA obviously did not think this through. In order to produce enough milk for their ice cream, I think they would have to use tens of thousands (at least) of women at a time, rotating them so that their babies are not deprived of their mothers’ milk for an extended period of time. They would have to test the milk to insure its purity. The end result would be that only Bill Gates and Warren Buffett could afford their product…

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2 Responses

  1. If I’m not mistaken, I don’t think human milk has a high enough fat content to actually make ice cream. You’d end up with breast-milk italian ice.

  2. That is sort of true. According to my limited research, human milk has a fat content of from 1-10% (I haven’t researched why there is such a wide range), while cow milk is about 2%. It’s possible that 1% fat content is not enough to make ice cream…

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