To read or not to read, that is the question!

A while back, I griped about the workout pants that many women wear that have words printed right across the butt.  Yesterday’s Miss Manners column has a question that deals with a similar situation but is much more ridiculous:

At a public doing, I encountered a very well-developed female at least 30 years my junior. She was wearing an exceptionally low top and displaying all of her natural attributes. Each of her displayed anatomy parts was amply tattooed with words of the English language. They appeared to be clearly printed, though, being a gentleman, I did not read.

I have no knowledge of what they said. Possibly, they were names of her friends or perhaps instructions of some sort regarding a likely delicate matter. Since this printing was in a public place, would I have been correct in reading the words, or was I correct in merely trying to look at her forehead?

This guy says he is 71 years old. How has he not learned etiquette by now?

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