Pet peeve – blogs and websites that autoplay music or videos

As a general rule, I am not a fan of blogs or websites that  autoplay music or video. If I don’t like what is autoplaying, it is likely that I will never visit the site again. However, some of my favorite blogs do have autoplaying music or video. SinceI am not going to quit visiting these sites, so in these cases, I just stop the music or video while perusing the site, but I still resent having to do this.

The biggest offender for me is ESPN. I don’t know why the heck ESPN has autoplaying videos. They are well aware that many people going to their site are at, umm, work, and it could be problematical if co-workers (or the boss) hears ESPN news coming out of the computer.  As for me, I’m tempted to leaving earphones plugged into my computer at all times, so nobody has to hear ESPN coming from my computer.

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4 Responses

  1. I agree, it should be a choice to listen or play music while visiting a site… sometimes all of a sudden there will be music and have to look through 100s of tabs to find which one is doing it… quite annoying….

  2. Yes, sometimes it is hard to find where to shut off the music. I also hate it when you shut off the music, go to another page, and then the music starts again,

  3. haha.. ok.
    I always liked autoplay. Shocks me a little sometimes but i like the surprise 😀

  4. Wait till a site plays something you can’t stand! 😉

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