How low can the Chinese government go?

In a quasi-capitalistic society such as China, it is not a surpise that lawyers have volunteered to help the victims of the recent milk scandal. Unfortunately, it is also not a surprise that provincial government officials have been putting pressure on these volunteers to quit, but I would venture to guess that if the provincial officials did not do so, the national government would soon have done so.

Chinese governmental officials are obviously from a different planet. On what planet is poisoning pet food and infant milk not punishable, while embezzling money or protesting against the Chinese government can be punishable by death?

Hopefully the winner of the presidential election will do something about China soon after he takes office.

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2 Responses

  1. Damn, I didn’t know they were pressuring the lawyers of the victims. That’s freakin’ evil. The Chinese government really doesn’t give a shit about their people.

  2. Yep. How the heck they expect to get away with this is beyond me. Have they never heard of the Internet? (Wait, that’s John McCain….)

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