Soccer game #4

This week my squad consisted of C, D, Jo, and V. The game was at noon, so it was fairly warm.

Our opponent was much better than the previous. In fact, they scored first, which hasn’t happened since the first game of the season. V scored in each of the first two quarters, but that was all the scoring on either side for the rest of the game, so we won 2-1.

Even though I had V on my squad before, I was really impressed by his on-field awareness, dribbling, and defense. He is also capable of big kicks (one of his goals was a long one), which is Jo’s trademark.

Speaking about Jo, I am really impressed. In addition to his big kicks and throw-ins, he is amazingly fast. There were many occasions when the other squad was threatening to score (or at least shoot) when he outran everybody on the field and kick the ball (usually out of bounds, which gave the other squad a throw-in, but allowed our squad to get set.)

I also like how C and D always manage to get in front of the ball when the other squad is moving up the field. They’re not as fast as Jo or not as field-aware as V, but they’re not afraid of getting their bodies in front of the ball, and have taken many balls off their shins (fortunately shinguards are required). Sometimes they aren’t paying attention because their attention span is a little too short, but I’m pretty sure that’s pretty normal (especially since D is only 4 and I suspect C also may be 4.)

Another great week of soccer with no loose shoe laces (on our squad)…

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2 Responses

  1. sounds like another great day for all!

  2. I believe I am looking as forward to your writing of your games as you are to going to them. It sounds like you all had a wonderful day and game again.

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