Gospel Today magazine being treated like Playboy

Lifeway Christian Bookstores is treating the most recent issue of the “Gospel Today”  magazine like the 7-11 treats “Playboy” — hidden under the counter where the customer has to ask for it. Why is that? It’s because the cover of this issue shows women pastors, which is prohibited by the Southern Baptist Convention, the owners of the bookstore chain.

While I defend the SBC’s right to believe whatever they want, I think they are morally wrong (and other denominations argue that there is no such biblical justification for this policy.) If they are that much against women pastors, they should just refuse to sell that issue as a matter of principle. Oh wait, customers might go to other Christian bookstores to buy that magazine and other items? Certainly can’t have that!

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3 Responses

  1. The SBC may be wrong, but I wouldn’t say “there is no such biblical justification for this policy.” If anything, it’s the other way around. Are there examples of women pastors in the Bible? No. Are there examples of women elders in the Bible? No. Were women allowed to be in positions of teaching authority? No. I’ve been to churches with women pastors, but they don’t say “there is no such biblical justification for this policy.” Their claim is that in the 1st century, women did not have the right qualifications, but now that some of them do, they may become pastors.

  2. If a church has a woman pastor, isn’t it implying that there is no biblical justification for a blanket exclusion of women?

  3. As an aside, individual churches have been guilty of embezzling and plagiarizing, but that doesn’t mean there is no biblical prohibition against robbery. The churches that have women pastors/elders are more likely to claim that they are following the spirit of the law (that pastors have to be carefully selected, morally upright, etc) rather than the letter of the law (which among other things said they had to be the husband of but one wife). Here’s another example. We are commanded to “greet one another with a holy kiss.” If we follow the letter of the law, should we kiss every first time visitor at church? This might frighten away the people we are trying to minister to. The spirit of the law would be to greet them in a friendly manner, such as by shaking their hand. I happen to think the spirit of the law is better than the letter of the law, but if a church insisted on kissing newcomers, I wouldn’t say there was “no such biblical justification” for such a practice.

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