Soccer game #3

This week my squad consisted of E, Je, Jo, S. E was not at the game today, so my remaining three players got to play the whole game, which started at 11:15.

My squad played much better than the other squad. In the first half, Jo had a hat trick and an assist. (He almost had four goals, except one of his shots stopped just short of the goal and Je tapped it in.) One of his goals was totally unexpected, since he booted it in from close to midfield. (He really likes big kicks, so the fact that he shot from there is not surprising at all.)

In a blowout game, the manual states that the winning team needs to shake things up a bit, such as by asking a dominant player (which would’ve been Jo in this case) to pass more, or maybe by switching players. Since the league has 2 mini-games going on at the same time (each team has 2 squads playing at a time), my squad switched fields to play the other team’s other squad for the second half.

This turned out to be much better, as the game ended up tied at 1-1. We played well again. I think we played as well as we did in the first half, but there was just some luck involved. (Jo’s near-midfield goal was lucky, we had a few near-misses, and the squad we played in the second half was better than the squad we played in the first half.)

It was a great day, and I didn’t even have to tie any shoelaces 🙂

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2 Responses

  1. I do believe you are starting to sound like a “soccer dad” LOL!
    It is way too cool when a person can have that much fun and be that proud, and then on top of it all give these kids a memory forever. Good for you!!!

  2. Thanks! Yes, this is fun!

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