Not all Nalgene bottles leach BPA

About two months ago, I decided to abandon my Nalgene water bottle because it was widely reported that Nalgene bottles leached BPA.

I was doing some googling research to find out exactly which types of plastic bottles are good (#1,2,4, and 5), and I found that the only bottles that leached BPA were #7 (polycarbonate plastic.) So I looked at my Nalgene bottle and it turns out to be #2.

So it turns out that I really abandoned it for nothing (good thing I still have it, so I can use it on long trips, since it is 32 oz and my current one is 18 oz.) I have no regrets about buying my stainless steel one, as the water tastes better (I’m now addicted to cold water from the stainless steel bottle).

I just wish that the media would have emphasized that people needed to check the bottom of the Nalgene bottle to see if it was a #7.

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5 Responses

  1. We talk a lot about water bottles don’t we. After I did some Wiki-ing/Googling I found the article that I had on my blog. I actually threw away two water bottles because they were the safe plastic numbers. I even have a little note on my fridge that I can look at to see if what I’m using is going to leach brain eating chemicals into my brain. 🙂 And yes. Mmmm.. h2o is much more fun to drink from stainless.

  2. If the media had only emphasized which plastics are good, a lot of people may not have thrown away good bottles. Oh, the irony…

  3. This is cool to know as I junked all mine awhile ago as they had that whole breast cancer scare for women from leaving them in hot cars and the sunlight. And now I too have become used to drinking it cold from a stainless steel thermos. 🙂 🙂 We can just call ourselves the “stainies”. 🙂

  4. @Robin: Good nickname! I just hope that they don’f discover in 10 years that stainless steel leaches something… (remember that plastic bottles had been around for quite a while before this scare.)

  5. I didn’t care for how the metal bottles get super hot or cold depending on the contents. I got a camelbak better bottle, which is pretty good. I also ordered a titan water bottle, which is bpa free and has a built in clip for backpacking and stuff. I would totally recommend either of these bottles:

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