You go girl!

A woman in New York was notified that a man pervert was taking an up-skirt picture of her in a subway station, so she followed the future (current?) sex offender to a subway car, took a picture of him, and emailed it to the police. (Registration required for that New York Times article. News item is also available here.)

I’m not sure why anyone would commit a crime in a public place now, with zillions of passerbys who may have recorded it on their cameraphones.

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3 Responses

  1. Gosh, now I’m so horny I wanna grab my camera and go to the titty bar. But then the bonehead bouncer will come along, crack my head against the stage floor until I began bleeding from the ears and then….
    I get an erection.

    Hi – long time, no hear from. I’ve been on a deranged vacation or something.

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